C goto statement

The goto statement is known as jump statement in C language. It is used to unconditionally jump to other label. It transfers control to other parts of the program
It is rarely used today because it makes program less readable and complex

goto label;
goto example
Let's see a simple example to use goto statement in C language.
#include <stdio.h>
void main() {  
int age;    
printf("You are not eligible to job!\n");    
printf("Enter you age:\n");  
scanf("%d", &age);  
goto ineligible;  
printf("You are eligible to job!\n");    
You are not eligible to job!
Enter you age:
You are not eligible to job!
Enter you age:
You are eligible to job!

Type Casting in C

Type casting allows us to convert one data type into other. In C language, we use cast operator for type casting which is denoted by (type).

Without Type Casting:
int f= 27/5;  
printf("f : %d\n", f ); 
Output: 5 
With Type Casting:
float f=(float) 27/5;  
printf("f : %f\n", f ); 
Output: 5.400000   
Type Casting example:
Let's see a simple example to cast int value into float.
#include <stdio.h>
void main(){      
float f= (float)27/5;  
printf("f : %f\n", f );         
f : 5.400000